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Updates and commentary by Constance R. (Connie) Barnhart on topics relating to renewable energy (especially wind and solar energy) development, including updates on government incentives, legislation and policy issues, contract, commercial and financial law issues, and other news & developments in the Renewable Energy sectors.


Wind Energy News & Updates

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Experts Predict Continued Expansion of Renewable Energy Globally, But Depends on Government Policies

Some energy experts have recently predicted that renewable sources (including wind, solar and hydroelectric) could provide up to 43% of the world’s energy supply by 2030, according to recent trends. However, the pace of renewable energy development is most rapid in those countries with national energy policies and incentives favoring renewable energy, which presently do not include the United States.

According to an October 10 report in the RenewablesBiz Daily, China leads the world in renewable energy development. Fueled by China’s aggressive government support for renewable energy development, RenewablesBiz reports that: Chinese companies control half the $45 billion global

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Government Incentives for Wind Energy Development in the U.S.

Please visit Barnhart Law PLC’s Resource Center – Articles page – to read a previous article written by Constance R. Barnhart, entitled, “Incentives for Wind Energy Development in the U.S..”

The article was published in the renewable energy industry journal EnergyPulse.

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GreenLawUpdates: Wind Energy News & Updates

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