Constance R. Barnhart
Attorney At Law
Managing Member

30 years of law practice at
large law firms
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Florida, New York,
Texas, Minnesota

English, Spanish, Norwegian
Swedish, Danish

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Barnhart Law PLC has represented clients from the above cities and others
in U.S. and international business law matters.
Office in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.   Admitted to practice law in FL, NY, TX, MN.
Languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.

Attorney / Network


Constance R. (Connie) Barnhart

If Barnhart Law PLC agrees to form a client relationship with you, you can be assured of Ms. Barnhart’s partner level personal attention to your matters. Read further information about her practice, background and experience in her attorney profile. See also, a list of representative client engagements handled by Ms. Barnhart.

Network-Team of Attorney Colleagues

Along with a group of her former law partners, Ms. Barnhart has co-founded a nationwide network of attorney colleagues, called the 3Cs Lawyers Network, which includes attorneys practicing across a full service array of different areas of the law, throughout most of the United States, as well as internationally. The network includes Ms. Barnhart’s former law partners and other attorneys with whom she has practiced for many years. Like Ms. Barnhart, all members of the network have big law firm experience and known capabilites in specialized areas of the law, and all share with her a common commitment to the highest standards of Character, Competence and Commitment to service of clients and community — the 3Cs in the network’s name. Read more about the network, called the 3Cs Lawyers Network, further below.

When a client’s matters require specialized assistance of attorneys in other practice areas or geographic locations, Ms. Barnhart is able seamlessly and efficiently to call upon her former partners and colleagues in the 3Cs Lawyers Network, as well as others, on an as needed basis, to create the right team of lawyers to meet the client’s particular needs. When Ms. Barnhart recommends bringing in other lawyers to complete a client’s team for particular matters, they are retained by the client directly so that you, the client, retain control over which lawyers are working on your matters.

Only by engaging a large law firm would a client otherwise be likely to have the benefit of this kind of full service attention of a team of experienced big law firm quality lawyers throughout the U.S., who know and respect each other, have practiced together previously in the same large law firm, and practice well together in the interests of the client.

The 3Cs Lawyers Network

Character, Competence, and
Commitment to service of clients and community

The 3Cs Lawyers Network is a nationwide and international network of attorneys that was established for the purpose of exchanging information and referrals, and providing assistance to each other in serving their clients. Constance R. (Connie) Barnhart is a member of the Steering Committee and co-founding member of the network, which includes Ms. Barnhart’s former partners and attorney colleagues, all of whom have practiced together previously at the same large multinational law firm.

The 3Cs Lawyers Network includes lawyers practicing in a broad array of practice areas throughout the United States and internationally. All lawyers in the Network have practiced as partners at large law firms, and all have practiced together previously with at least some other lawyers in the Network at the same large law firm. Lawyers are admitted to the Network by invitation only, on the basis of high professional standards, mutual respect, and a common culture of dedication to service of clients and community.

The lawyers in the Network draw their inspiration from the “3Cs” — Character, Competence and Commitment to service of clients and community — frequently advocated and exemplified by the late Chesterfield Smith, President of the American Bar Association and an inspiration to lawyers across the United States. Ms. Barnhart and all of the lawyers in the 3Cs Lawyers Network had the privilege of practicing law with Chesterfield Smith.

Further information about the 3Cs Lawyers Network is available on its website: